About Mole Authority

Mole Authority LLC is a locally owned and operated business based in Liberty Township, OH. My name is Aaron Fitzstephens and I started this business in 2015 with the idea of making some extra money so that my wife Sarah and I could afford for our children to play youth sports. Every year the business has grown and I am extremely excited about the future of Mole Authority. Besides operating Mole Authority, I am also a Physical Education teacher in the Fairfield City Schools.

Our mission

Professionally trap/exterminate your Moles FAST thus stopping the damage and destruction to your yard and landscaping.

Why choose Mole Authority


Extensive training, research and firsthand experience, makes us unparalleled experts in mole habits and biology.
With this extensive knowledge allows us to customize a program that is unique to your individual property.

Results You Can Count On

Mole Authority traps your moles FAST!


Mole Authority will have you covered for the entire calendar year!

Exceptional Customer Service

Mole Authority prides itself on providing customer service that is second to none, making us “The” company you will recommend to your friends and neighbors.

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Mole Authority is the proud Sponsor of the Panther Run Fantasy Football League