Yard Mole Removal Services

Ground moles are a nuisance and be can be hard to control. They're rarely seen in the day, and their tunnel systems provide them with escape routes. Ground moles can be a major problem for homeowners and gardeners, as they can destroy your plants and leave your yard looking unsightly. With the help of The Mole Authority get rid of the moles without any of the hassles.

What Areas Do We Service

Mole Authority services eastern Butler County and Mason.

Mason, Ohio
Lebanon, Ohio
Loveland, Ohio
Mainville, Ohio

How Our Service Works

Once you have contacted Mole Authority for a free quote, we will send a technician to your property within 24 hours. Our technician will thoroughly inspect, analyze and “read” your property. This allows us to accurately identify the best strategic locations to set our traps, ensuring fast, successful results you can count on!

If we are given the “go ahead” we will install traps in your yard along with flags so that you can identify where the traps are on your property. A technician will return to your property every 5-7 days to see if we have trapped any yard moles or if there is fresh activity where the traps should be moved to. We will always communicate with you after every visit. Communication is usually done via text messaging but also done by door hangers and phone calls. We take great pride in our communication with our clients.

There is no need for you to be home when we service your property. At the time we start the contract, we will ask if there are any “specifics” we need to know such as, gate codes, pets in yard, etc. Please do “NOT” destroy any mole activity on your property, such as dirt mounds or raised tunnels. Our technician will use this activity in part to determine trap locations and may “level” the mounds after servicing your property.


Every yard is different in regards to pricing. Last year we had clients who spent $350 dollars up to $1000 for our trapping services. We do have two different pricing plans so that you are able to choose a plan that you feel fits your needs best. Our contracts cover your property for the entire calendar year. Basically, if you have ground mole activity we have traps in your yard and we will monitor them regularly. We do offer you a guarantee that we will remove your moles. If for someone reason the moles leave your property before we trap them we will give you a full refund. This has only happened two times since we have been in business.

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Victor Out O’ Sight Trap Mole Trap

Our technicians use Victor Out O’ Sight Mole Traps. These traps are the professional mole trapper’s trap of choice. Mole Authority has used these traps exclusively since coming into business in 2015.